post-Covid Adelaide

The recent brute force attacks and hacks to two of my Wordpress blogs --Thoughtfactory and Mallee Routes --- have caused  me  to start to  look at Square Space for re-building the Walking Adelaide project. Rebuilding because this project  has basically outgrown Posthaven's  simple  blog format.  It  needs galleries, blog and text and  so rather than building another Wordpress site I am considering Square Space. There is more on this at the Thoughtfactory blog.

The galleries, blog and text would be designed to give the project more depth. 

Post-Covid Adelaide is different to the one that I lived and photographed in  during the second decade of the 21st century. As noted in earlier posts  there are fewer people on the streets of the CBD. Whilst walking around the northern part of the CBD  last Tuesday (26th April)  I noticed that  the only section of the city that had lots of people moving around was the north-west end of the CBD,  and these were students at the Uni of SA

Another notable  recent change to the CBD is the number of high rise apartments that have gone up in the last 5 years.   Apartment living  is a different mode of living to that of a townhouse. 

These apartments in Playhouse Lane were  just starting to be built  5 years ago. Prior to that the site  was an empty block that I would walk through. 

 The high rise apartments are packed in and they often face one another. Some of the apartments would never see the sun. The balconys would be cold and windy.