Keswick Creek

This particular  supplement to  the Walking Adelaide website broadens  this recent post on Keswick Creek.

The supplement  takes the form of some additional photos of Keswick Creek in a different  locations in the old industrial area of Mile End.  These additional photos came from walking around the area tracing the creek whilst looking for  suitable locations to  scope for a large format photo session at a latter date.  These locations below  are ones that are prone to flooding.    

The picture below  photo of the creek, or rather a  culvert,  is on the western side of the Flinders and Seaford  railway line, and it is looking towards the Adelaide Showgrounds. I came across it whilst looking for where the underground  culvert in the showgrounds surfaced  as it went through the Keswick Army Barracks to Anzac Highway.  

I was lucky that day.  There is very limited access to the location as the gate for the Keswick Army Barracks is usually closed  as I  discovered on subsequent visits.  Access to the barracks would be restricted.  Moreover,   the protective wire netting fence across the culvert  means that  a large format monorail cannot be used. Only 35mm as you  need to be able to poke  the lens through the smallish holes in the wire netting. 

So that railway location is not really feasible.

The location of the photo   of the Keswick culvert below is between James Congdon Drive and  South Rd.  It is  looking back towards Scotland Rd in Mile End from the western edge of James Congdon Drive. This location has possibilities. 

An alternative was to look west towards South Rd  from  the edge of James Congdon Drive. Though this view  includes an edgeland  it does not make for  an interesting industrial photo. It is the same from the South Rd location looking east along the culvert towards James Congdon Drive.

The James Congdon Drive location is the more accessible site. It allows me to  use a tripod and a  large format camera (a 5x4 Sinar F1),   butt it will be difficult  to re-photograph  with a view  camera as  the traffic on James Congdon Drive is quite busy  in both directions  in the late afternoon.


I went back with a medium format camera to both  the London Rd site and the James Congdon Drive site.  The former is no good for large format as the Keswick Culvert runs through Commonwealth land (the Post Office) and I was warned off by security. They saw me from Sydney and they set a local guy to ask to move on.

So that leaves the  James Congdon Drive location. It worked with medium format by standing on a ledge of the bridge and it  could work with large format Sinar monorail if I was very careful.