archive: urban textures

I have started to walk around  photographing Adelaide's CBD after an absence of six years or so.The city has  become a  very different one during the negative consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. I realized that, in contrast, the pandemic has not substantially altered the way the retirees  living on the coast  in Victor Harbor and other coastal towns. The retirees go about their lives in a  similar way to what they were doing  in  pre-pandemic days.  They  can't travel overseas like they used to, or visit family interstate as easily as they once could.    

I also decided to revisit my photographic  archives as I am now quite  distant from the photographs I made when I was living in the CBD.  I can look at them as photos in themselves, as I cannot longer remember the experiences of that  photographic  moment.  I came across this abstract image of peeling bark in the Adelaide Parklands. It was made  whilst I was on a poodlewalk in Veal Gardens:

Walking through Veal Gardens was an integral part of one kind of  poodlewalk in the southern parklands.  For the poodles it was all about the possums in the trees.     

This image is an abstraction of a building in Angas St in the CBD that was also made whilst I was on a poodlewalk.  

These two archival  pictures were made in 2013,  when I was still living in Sturt St in the CBD,  a couple of blocks from both the Adelaide parklands  and Victoria Square.