Re-development of the Central Market precinct

The response to the  decline of automotive and manufacturing activity and employment in Adelaide has been  redevelopment to ensure a transition to  an  information and knowledge based economy.   Adelaide,  as  a middle ranking city in Australia, is lagging behind Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane and Perth  in becoming a knowledge city. Adelaide  struggles to develop the human capital (knowledge workers)  to underpin the knowledge economy and the infrastructure to utilise that human capital to create economic value. Melbourne is probably the key city  here. 

One sign of the  process of  change in Adelaide to becoming a  post-industrial city can be seen  in the number of boutique hotels being built in the city.This  is considered to be part of the 'revitalisation' index.      

The large background building under construction  is the Indigo Hotel in Market Street looking across Gouger St.  The Indigo  brand  is owned by IHG hotelier, which is  set to open in 2020.  It is marketed as adding to, and participating in  the vibrant atmosphere of the Central Market precinct. 

The Adelaide Central Market arcade--not the Adelaide Central Market---  is going to be re-developed in 2021. It includes a hotel and a residential tower and it has been designed to make the  market precinct a major retail and shopping destination. The arcade  is a functional 1960's shopping complex that is looking outdated and  tired.  Gouger St itself is looking tacky.